Working Towards A
Net-Zero Footprint

Dollard Market is part of the Press Up Hospitality Group. As a Group, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously and are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, aiming for a net-zero goal within the next five years.

Feed The Homeless

Dollard Market has been working with local charity Feed Our Homeless ( every week for since 2020 to provide freshly cooked hot meals to homeless individuals in Dublin City Centre. Every Wednesday, Tony and the team from Feed Our Homeless call in to collect the meals and distribute to service users, who can enjoy top quality sustenance from RICE Chinese, Coo Coo Indian, Wackadoodle Thai or Dollard Diner.


At Dollard Market, we pride ourselves on being a diverse team and creating an inclusive environment for our team members, as well as our customers. We celebrate our LGBTQ+ customers and team members throughout the year and know that Pride isn’t just for one month of the year (although we do throw an epic Pride party every year!).